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Ply Gem

Comfort Series

— Vinyl

Ply Gem

Comfort Series

— Vinyl

Triple-Glazed windows for total comfort. With sashes that accept full-size triple-glazed units, Comfort Series windows help keep your home cozy even in Arctic conditions. They’re ideal wherever comfort and energy savings are paramount.

How To Buy

Comfort Series

Features & Benefits

  • Rather than squeezing triple-glazed units into a double-glazed frame, the Comfort Series’s vertical and horizontal sliders feature an oversized frame was designed for true triple glazing and easily accommodates full-sized sashes and sealed units.
  • Vinyl extrusions are formulated to withstand the harshest climates year after year and their multi-chambered design optimizes both strength and thermal efficiency.
  • Available vinyl in white with Fusion Colour Wrap laminate available for application.
  • Casements and awings feature triple weather-stripping on operating sashes provides ultimate protection against air and water infiltration to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Continuous head and sill designs are standard.
  • Sleek Truth Classic® hardware conveniently folds away and will not interfere with most window coverings.
  • Concealed multi-point locking system on casement windows ensures consistent seal from top to bottom with a convenient single lock lever, as well as added protection against forced entry.
  • Colour-matched to hardware chosen. Special egress hardware available for casement windows. Horizontal Sliders feature two sets of non-marking tandem rollers to provide a smooth slide for the lifetime of the window.
  • Sliders feature tri-fin weatherstripping on operating sash provides superior seal without compromising smooth operation. Sliders have robust, centre-mounted knife latch lock is easily operated and provides excellent security. Dual locks featured on units of greater height or width.
  • Steel reinforced interlock system provides added frame stability to meet the toughest structural requirements in water resistance and wind load on sliders.
  • Sliders come with anti-lift sash to provide additional security.
  • Dual and Triple glazing available with a variety of glass options to maximize energy efficiency.
  • To increase the curb appeal of your home, choose from multiple grille types in an array of colours and patterns.
  • Make your windows more prominent with optional exterior brickmould.

Triple Glazing is standard on Comfort Series Windows. Choose from a variety of energy efficient ECO Glass options to suit your needs:

ECO GAIN 180 High Solar Gain Glass

When the weather turns frigid, Eco Gain 180 is the perfect cold remedy! Eco Gain 180 provides excellent insulating capability by blocking heat loss to the outside and reflecting heat back into the room. It is the ideal glass for passive solar applications as it allows the winter sun’s heat to pass into the home and provide “free heat.” It also blocks 76% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.


ECO SHIELD 270 Solar Control Glass

When it comes to solar control, the sun does not stand a chance against Eco Shield 270. It is the perfect glass for fighting the heat. Eco Shield 270 reduces solar heat gain by 50% or more compared to ordinary glass in the summer and keeps homes cozy by blocking heat loss in the winter. It blocks 86% of the sun’s UV rays yet lets light stream in due to its exceptional clarity without a heavy bronze or smokecolored tint to spoil the image.


ECO MAX SHIELD 366 Ultimate Performance Glass

Eco Max Shield 366 has been specially formulated to reject the summer sun’s heat without affecting the view. It lets more light in and keeps more heat out so homes stay cool and comfortable – with no room-darkening tints and virtually no exterior reflectance. The ultimate in solar control and clarity! Eco Max Shield 366 provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, making it the perfect glass no matter where you live. It sports an unprecedented three layers of silver which reduce solar gain, reflect furnace heat back into the room and let light stream in.

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Grille Patterns

  • Prairie

  • Craftsman

  • Ladder

  • Colonial

In-Glass Grille Styles

  • 5/16" Flat

  • 5/8" Flat

  • 1" Flat

Exterior Grille Styles

  • 2" Simulated Divided Mullion

  • 1" Simulated Divided Lite

Truth Classic™

Sliders utiliaze robust, centre-mounted knife latch lock is easily operated and provides excellent security.

Casement & Awning

  • Black

  • White

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