Have you decided to install your new products yourself? A little planning will go a long way.


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How To Prepare, Install & Care for your New Vinyl Siding Download PDF


Below are some helpful tips to consider before you get started:

  • Check with your local building officials to prevent possible violations. Some areas may have window and patio door size restrictions, historic preservation restrictions, or require building permits.
  • Review the step-by-step installation instructions and gather the necessary tools and materials before beginning.
  • Make sure you’ve checked for alarm contacts before you remove your existing windows or patio doors. You may need to have them disconnected and removed prior to beginning.
  • Secure the area where you will be working—keep pets, children and anyone not helping out of the work area as nails, splintered wood and broken glass may be exposed.
  • Use the correct tools for the job. The list of tools and materials provided are the minimum required to successfully complete most jobs.
  • Get a helper who can help handle the windows or patio doors and offer assistance from the other side of the wall (this saves time and a lot of walking).
  • Purchase tapered shims for the job and use them as often as you need. Additionally, use a low expanding foam insulation rather than fiberglass bat insulation; it’s usually easier to work with.
  • Make sure you understand what it takes to remove your old windows without causing injury, damages to your home and furniture, or cause more work for yourself than necessary.
  • Protect your furniture and floor with drop cloths, plastic or cardboard. If an air vent is located near by, turn it off and cover it to prevent filling it with dust or from blowing your drop cloth.
  • Following the installation of your new window, allow the insulation and sealant to dry thoroughly before using cleaning solutions or water for final clean up.

By following these suggestions along with the installation instructions provided, you should be able to successfully complete the installation of your new replacement windows. When installing windows and patio doors, please use extreme caution to prevent personal injury or damages to your home. While keeping these tips in mind, please understand that we at Ply Gem are not responsible for injury should you choose to install your windows without utilizing a professional.