Window Styles


Casements windows are hinged on the side and are opened outward by rotating a crank handle. Featuring standard multipoint locks, casements provide excellent resistance from wind and rain.


Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards by rotating a crank handle. Awning windows are ideal for windy locations and provide better protection if left open during rain.


Fixed windows are non-venting windows where insulated glass units are glazed into a sash. Fixed windows offer the same sightlines as a casements or awnings, so they are ideal to use when desire balanced sightlines.

Horizontal Slider

Horizontal sliders (also known as gliders) feature a stationary panel and a venting sash that slides left or right for ventilation.

Single Hung Slider

Single Hungs (also known as vertical sliders) feature a stationary upper panel and a venting lower sash that glides upward for ventilation. Hidden balances allow the sash to be opened to any desired height.

Curved Top

Curved Top windows are direct set windows featuring curved frames to provide character to your design. Choose from ovals, half rounds, quarter rounds, arches, segmentals and more.


Rakes are picture windows featuring straight but unequal sides or unusual angles. Choose from right angle triangle, isosceles triangle, trapezoid, pentagon, parallelogram shapes and more.


Picture windows feature insulated glass units glazed directly into the window frame. Also known as direct set windows, picture windows maximize visible light compared to other windows. Picture windows can be paired with operating windows, but they provide slightly unbalanced sightlines.