Take an active role in planning the look of your home exterior. Start by choosing a home that's similar to yours. Or upload a photo of your own home. Then, experiment with colors and materials to create custom combinations that only you - and Ply Gem, together - can produce.  The result will be your own custom home design.


Exterior Design. By You.

We invite you to explore new design possibilities that can transform an ordinary house -- into an extraordinary home. Use Ply Gem's windows, siding, stone and accessory products to create a customized "Designed Exterior".

Planning your Designed Exterior is easy - and flexible. Choose to begin by selecting a home profile that matches up with yours, or upload a digital image of your own home. Mask the areas you want to design*, and from there, you can experiment with colours and textures to create original style combinations that only you and Ply Gem, together, can produce. Simply e-mail or print your design to get started with your contractor today!

*A professional masking service is available, if you choose to eliminate this step