PVC Trim

You can take any exterior from drab to dramatic with Ply Gem cellular PVC trim and mouldings. The moment your products arrive, you’re set with every item necessary to enhance the best features of a home exterior. All Ply Gem PVC Trim products have protective sealed edges, beautiful woodgrain or smooth finishes and come wrapped in a film so they stay clean and protected from factory to job site. Plus, when it comes to creating dramatic shapes, our products outperform synthetic made mostly of ash. Ply Gem PVC Trim is the finishing touch that truly brings projects together.

  • Trim Boards

    Trim Boards

    Windows and doors. Gables and eaves. Ply Gem PVC  Trim and Mouldings can give your home stylish charm that lasts without requiring costly maintenance. All the beauty of wood without the maintenance. Our  trim can be cut, drilled and routed like wood.  But unlike wood, it wont't rot, warp or attract insects.  there are endless uses, including fascia, frieze boards, window and door trim, deck edging and decorative accents.

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    • Skirt Boards

      Skirt Boards

      Skirting. Patio ceilings and bay windows. Ply Gem PVC Trim and Mouldings can give your home stylish charm that lasts, without requiring costly maintenance. Cellular PVC accent trim can be cut, drilled and routed like wood. But unlike wood, it doesn't absorb water so it won't rot, split or warp and holds paint much longer.

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      • Corners


        One-piece outside corners provide a square edge with no unsightly seams.

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        • Trim Sheets

          Trim Sheets

          PVC sheets are as simple to work with as wood. Flat and clean, sheets are available in woodgrain or smooth finishes.

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          • Mouldings


            Decorative mouldings can be installed on their own or fitted with Ply Gem Trim boards to create interesting shapes and detail. Ply Gem Mouldings are extruded, not routed, which means they offer a smooth, low maintenance finish that lasts for years.

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            • Cortex Fasteners

              Cortex Fasteners

              Install Ply Gem cellular PVC trim products in less time with plugs that match perfectly. Each box includes all the screws, setting tools and cellular PVC plugs needed for fastening.

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