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Garden Door

Steel Garden Doors

Our economical steel entry doors combine a durable metal skin and a foam insulated core that provides insulation values of R-8. Available in a variety of designs, they can be painted to complement your home’s exterior.

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    Steel Garden Doors

    Features & Benefits

    Available in double or triple door combinations.

    • Inswing doors feature a fixed slab and an operating slab, with a sliding screen on the exterior.
    • Inswing doors can be hinged on the side or on the centre post.
    • Outswing doors feature a venting slab and an operating slab. Venting slab is opened using roto gear hardware. A fixed screen covers the venting panel on the exterior.
    • Outswing doors must be hinged on the outside, not on the centre post.
    • Steel slabs can be stained or painted to suit your décor.
    • Choose from hundreds of standard and decorative doorlite styles.
    • Standard doorlites available in double glazing or triple glazing in a variety of glass options to maximize energy efficiency.
    • To increase curb appeal add in glass grilles.
    • Multi-Point Lock hardware available to ensure greater security and improved weather seal. Offered in five styles and ten finishes to match your décor.
    • Inswing Garden Door Screen: Heavy-duty sliding exterior screens offered in eight colours to match to exterior.

    Ply Gem doors are available in a variety of energy efficient, obscure or decorative glass types.

    Doorlites with internal blinds are a great alternative to after-market window coverings for their ease of maintenance, durability and aesthetic appeal.  Best of all, they are sealed in a dust-free environment making them virtually maintenance free.

    We offer dozens of ways to decorate your door with glass. From colourful stained glass to contemporary geometric designs, you’ll find an extensive array of artistic looks to choose from. View our Glass Door Gallery for more options.


    Decorative glass:
    Ply Gem offers hundreds of possible combinations of decorative glass options in various sizes. Choose designs the to suit your homes style – from contemporary or modern to a more traditional style – there is a style to meet your needs.

    Standard Glazing – most sizes available in your choice of double or triple glazing:

    ECO GAIN 180 High Solar Gain Glass

    When the weather turns frigid, Eco Gain 180 is the perfect cold remedy! Eco Gain 180 provides excellent insulating capability by blocking heat loss to the outside and reflecting heat back into the room. It is the ideal glass for passive solar applications as it allows the winter sun’s heat to pass into the home and provide “free heat.” It also blocks 76% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

    ECO SHIELD 270 Solar Control Glass

    When it comes to solar control, the sun does not stand a chance against Eco Shield 270. It is the perfect glass for fighting the heat. Eco Shield 270 reduces solar heat gain by 50% or more compared to ordinary glass in the summer and keeps homes cozy by blocking heat loss in the winter. It blocks 86% of the sun’s UV rays yet lets light stream in due to its exceptional clarity without a heavy bronze or smoke colored tint to spoil the image.

    ECO MAX SHIELD 366 Ultimate Performance Glass

    Eco Max Shield 366 has been specially formulated to reject the summer sun’s heat without affecting the view. It lets more light in and keeps more heat out so homes stay cool and comfortable – with no room-darkening tints and virtually no exterior reflectance. The ultimate in solar control and clarity! Eco Max Shield 366 provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, making it the perfect glass no matter where you live. It sports an unprecedented three layers of silver which reduce solar gain, reflect furnace heat back into the room and let light stream in.

    Obscure or tinted glass – most sizes are available in your choice of double or triple glazing and your choice of Eco Glass types

    • Satin Etch
    • Rain
    • Gluehip
    • Arctic
    • Pinhead
    • Reeded
    • Bronze Tint
    • Green Tint
    • Grey Tint
    • Solar Cool Bronze Tint

    Multi-point Door Hardware

    Multi-Point Lock hardware ensures greater security and improved weather seal. Available in five styles and ten finishes they allow you to customize the look of your door to match your décor. Available in left or right handles.

    • Transitional

    • Traditional

    • Contemporary

    • Classic

    • Modern


    Spring Hinges are available for use in garage-to-house doors or anywhere where a selfclosing door is desired. Adjustable hinges are a great alternative to ensure heavier doors will swing smoothly for the lifetime of the door. Available in multiple finishes such as matte black, brass, antique brass, brushed chrome, satin nickle, pewter adn oild rubbed bronze.

    • Spring

    • Ball Bearing

    • Adjustable

    Ply Gem doors feature extruded aluminum frame and jamb cladding in your choice of 8 colours. 2″ or 3-1/4″ wood brickmould is also available to the exterior. Door frame is available in paint grade or stain grade options, depending on your desired finishing requirements. Prefinished white vinyl wrapped door frame available. Stainable oak vinyl wrapped door frame available

    Interior Options

    • Paint Grade Wood

    • Stain Grade Wood

    • Vinyl Wrapped White (prefinished)

    Exterior Options

    • Aluminum Clad Brickmould

    • Primed Brickmould

    • Stain Grade Brickmould

    • Vinyl Wrapped White Brickmould

    • Renovation Aluminum Clad Brickmould

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